(QHA) -

A Ukrainian military spokesman says Kyiv will not pull back its troops from the front line in eastern Ukraine until a new cease-fire is fully implemented.

Andriy Lysenko, the spokeman for Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council, said on September 21 that two soldiers were killed and at least eight injured in the past day despite the cease-fire.

He added, "If [Ukrainian forces] are withdrawn, it will be done simultaneously with the Russian troop withdrawal."

Russia denies having troops in Ukraine.

Lysenko said insurgents fired at Ukrainian forces in 22 places on September 20.

Those reports came the same day Ukrainians and insurgents in Minsk forged an agreement to create a buffer zone on the front line.

The deal would entail each side halting advances and pulling back heavy weapons, something Lysenko said Kyiv is currently not comtemplating.