The Prosecutor's Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea intends to initiate an international trial over the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation following the example of the Nuremberg trial, according to the statement of Gyunduz Mamedov, Prosecutor of the Autonomous Republic of Crime. 

He also noted that he set the task for his employees to compile an evidence base for the examination of facts related to war crimes in the International Criminal Court. In particular, crimes against humanity, as well as genocide committed by the occupiers on the territory of the peninsula.

“Our goal is to initiate an international legal process against the occupying power following the example of the Nuremberg Trial. Not only executors, but also those who gave criminal orders should be brought to justice,” Prosecutor stated.

Mamedov pointed out that, the First Information Report which is to be sent to the International Criminal Court was prepared in cooperation with non-government human rights public organizations. And another Report will be prepared at the final stage.

 “Thus, I can frankly assure that we are confidently moving towards the beginning of Hague investigation of crimes committed in the Crimea, and I am counting on an international trial similar to the Nuremberg one," the Prosecutor said.

Earlier, Mamedov stated that all the facts of human rights violations, expropriation of the property and other cases mentioned in the updated text of the draft UN resolution on the Crimea are being investigated by the Prosecutor's office.