(QHA) -

Ukraine's football federation has called on football's world and European governing bodies FIFA and UEFA to sanction the Russian Football Union (RFU) for bringing Crimean clubs into its league structure.

Three Crimean teams — TSK Simferopol, SKChF Sevastopol and Zhemchuzhina Yalta — have been accepted by the RFU to play in the Russian championship next season.

An official letter of complaint signed by Anatoly Konkov, the president of the Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU), was posted Tuesday on the domestic governing body's official website.

"With all respect we are addressing you [FIFA and UEFA] over the events troubling not only the Ukrainian football society but also the whole football community," it said.

"We have witnessed the executive committee of the Russian Football Union illegally and arbitrarily embracing the Ukrainian clubs from the Crimea peninsula."

"As the president of the Ukrainian national association, I am asking you to take all necessary actions to deal with the situation, including applying sanctions to the part that broke the regulations [the RFU] and ignores the basic principles of the higher football institutions”- reads the letter.