Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Vladimir Yelchenko during the open debate of the Security Council of the United Nations on water issues, peace and security, presented the only political option to provide the residents of Crimea with water. According to the ambassador, it is necessary to ensure full de-occupation of the Russian-annexed peninsula and the city of Sevastopol in particular. Such a statement was voiced during the discussion with the Russian diplomat, who accused Ukraine of the fact that "Kyiv has blocked the water supply to the peninsula."

“The statements by the representatives of Russia confirm that the occupation authorities can not guarantee meeting of the local residents’ most important needs. Russia does not recognize that its actions are illegal and does not try to improve its own mistakes, and uses the issue of water supply in the Crimean peninsula as a propaganda element,” the Ukrainian diplomat said.

He went on saying that the lack of water resources for the civilian population of the peninsula can be avoided if the representatives of the occupation stop providing the water on military needs.

Previously QHA reported, that the self-proclaimed authorities of the annexed Crimea have already stated that the agriculture of the peninsula is in a catastrophic condition due to lack of irrigation water, and some of the traditional crops such as rice, soybeans and corn are going extinct.

Photo: Internet