March 17, spokesperson for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Mariana Betsa said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reports on the information available about the use of torture against the Ukrainian citizen Evgeny Panov, who was detained on suspicion of organizing sabotage in Crimea in 2016.

"We categorically condemn such illegal actions and require Russia to immediately observe the human rights," Betsa said at the briefing.

She noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine strongly protests the decision of the Kyiv district court of Simferopol, controlled by the Kremlin, to extend the detention of Ukrainian citizens Yevgeny Panov and Andrei Zakhtei, who were detained on suspicion of organizing sabotage in the Crimea.

“We require to grant the numerous appeals of the Ukrainian Embassy in Russia demanding to ensure the access of Ukrainian Consuls to Evgeny Panov and Andrei Zakhtei. The refusal of the Russian authorities to allow the Ukrainian Consuls to meet with Panov and Zakhtei is a grave violation of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and the Consular Convention between Ukraine and Russia, as well as another evidence of the Russian Federation's systematic disregard of the rights of illegally detained Ukrainian citizens,” the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesperson said.

August 10, 2016 the Russian FSB stated about preventing "terrorist acts" in the occupied Crimea allegedly plotted by the Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, and the elimination of an agent network in the peninsula. The first detainees on charges of sabotage were Evgeny Panov, named a leader of the group, and Andrei Zakhtei. Later, December 8, Panov sent a statement on the torture used against him to the Investigative Committee, asking to check the actions of the FSB officers who detained him. According to Panov, after his arrest the FSB officers tortured him by electric shocks, beaten with iron fittings and hanged him from the ceiling by handcuffs.

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