The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed protest in connection with the visit to the occupied Crimea by the Member of the European Parliament from the Czech Republic Jaromír Kohlíček and the Senator of the Czech Parliament Jaroslav Doubrava, according to the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

“Another recurrence of violation of Ukrainian legislation by the above-mentioned politicians, who, despite repeated warnings, continue to grossly ignore not only Ukrainian laws, but also international law. The above-mentioned politicians should have been aware that Resolution No. 68/262 of March 27, 2014 of the UN General Assembly - an organization whose authority is acknowledged even by the Czech Communists - confirmed the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and urged Member states to refrain from actions that could be interpreted as a recognition of the change of the status of the Ukrainian Crimea,” reads the message.

The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine noted that "with such visits the officials help Russia to justify its crimes."

“Those who help Russia justify their crimes cannot fail to understand that they are an instrument in the hands of the Kremlin, which, taking cover behind these "visits", will continue to carry out unpunished repressions, arrests, torture and murders of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars in the occupied Crimea.”

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry further noted that Ukraine could apply the sanctions to foreign citizens provided for in Ukrainian legislation.

Earlier, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the country continues to support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. The department noted that the annexation of the peninsula was considered a serious violation of international law.