The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine informed that individuals who participated in Russian elections on the territory of the occupied Crimea will fall under sanctions.

He noted that observers, public activists or politicians who visited the occupied Crimea to participate in monitoring the elections will be affected to sanctions. These individuals to be “further banned from entering Ukraine”.

“We constantly emphasize that Crimea is Ukraine. We address all international organizations and partners with a clear signal: any participation in the voting process on the territory of the Crimea is illegal," MFA of Ukraine official stated.

He went on saying that the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry will respond appropriately to such initiatives of holding elections in the occupied territory of the Crimean peninsula.

Earlier, QHA reported that, Rex Tillerson, United States Secretary of State informed that US sanctions were aimed at punishing Russia for the annexation of Crimea and interference in the situation in Ukraine. He noted that sanctions would remain in force until Russia  overrules actions, which lead to them.