Ukrainian military have been invited to a traditional 10-kilometer race of soldiers, wounded on the battlefield. The group that will fly to Washington for the event includes:

Vadim Maznichenko
Pavel Stepanov
Dmitry Fesenko
Vadim Sviridenko

In 2015, Vadim Sviridenk and Vadim Maznichenko went through rehab at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in the United States. The Ukrainian soldiers are expected to visit the Pentagon, the US Congress and charitable organizations providing aid to Ukrainian military.

The participation of Ukrainian soldiers in the Marathon was made possible thanks to the support of the Washington branch of Allied Forces Foundation, the NATO Trust Fund for the rehabilitation of the wounded and the Embassy of Ukraine in the United States.

As QHA reported earlier, NATO has provided a substantive support to Ukraine with training and rehabilitation of servicemen and, according to statements by the Alliance head Jens Stoltenberg, will continue this activity.

Photo: Internet