The issue of the Russian-occupied Crimea was included in the draft law on the Donbas, and the date of the beginning of the occupation which was also specified in the text. Ivan Vynnyk, MP at PPB party, secretary of the Committee for National Security and Defense at Ukraine Parliament made a corresponding statement at a meeting of the Committee on national security and defense.

“The date of the beginning of the occupation (February 20, 2014)  is specified both in the resolution of the Verkhovna Rada and in the Crimea claims of Ukrainian state with the international courts,” the MP explained.

Reference: According to Ivan Vynnyk, yet in May 2014, the law on the status of the Crimea as the occupied territory was adopted, where the date, subjects of occupation, issues of jurisdiction of legal acts and so on were determined, therefore, the bulk of issues regarding the Crimea have already been resolved.