Valeria Lutkovska reported that appealed to the Russian Ombudsman Tatiana Moskalkova to provide information about the detained Ukrainian citizens in Crimea., she said in the air of the Channel 5.

“We are trying to find out, trying to connect the Ombudsman of the Russian Federation on this issue. Because it is rather concerning that people recognized in such a short period of time. We are trying to understand their condition, whether they were provided  medical assistance, whether they were subjected to torture. We are trying to figure out these facts with the help of  human rights defenders, because, unfortunately, the opportunities in collecting information are quite limited at the moment. If in Ukraine it can be done in an hour, in Crimea, unfortunately, the information is classified, and it is difficult to get it quickly,” Lutkovska said.

According to her, the speed of getting the information will depend on the Russian Ombudsman.
Lutkovska promised to publish new data as soon as it is availlable.

Previously, November 9, another group of Ukrainian "saboteurs" were detained in Crimea on suspicion of the alleged "plotting of terrorist attacks on strategic sites of Crimea at the behest of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine." The detained Ukrainian citizens turned out to be experts on safety of the region and  journalists.

Photo: Internet