Ukraine will propose a draft resolution of the UN Security Council on the peacekeeping mission in the Donbas, after coordinating the position with foreign partners, according to the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin.

“Regarding the Russian resolution, nothing has started, except for very formal consultations, and it was one round just to react. We will not get caught by this hook. First, a common position with the G7, with the EU, China is also important ... Only then we will move with our resolution," Klimkin said on the air of "Freedom of Speech" on the ICTV channel on Monday evening. "But it will be a joint resolution, not just ours," the minister stressed.

Answering questions, Pavlo Klimkin clarified that the Ukrainian side has a draft resolution, and it is coordinated with friends of Ukraine.

“We will submit it at the very moment when we have a common position not only with our friends, but also with all the key players. And also when Russia is not 100% ready to start the game, as it always does, to create conditions for weakening the mandate of the mission," the diplomat explained.

He stressed that the mandate of peacekeepers can not be weakened.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister went on saying that the first resolution to be approved by the UN Security Council would be technical and would not provide for the mandate of the entire mission.

"After this resolution or in parallel with it ... the UN Secretary General will send another mission to understand what means and forces both within the time frame and the organization of the process are really needed," the minister said.

He recalled that Ukraine had submitted its proposals in early 2015.

“What is the trick now. If we had introduced any draft resolution, even the best one, I would stress: not even with respect to the mandate, but technical one. Russia would start playing immediately, either alone or at the expense of its friends, trying to bring them closer somehow," Klimkin said.

He further noted that in this very way the Russian Federation tried to impose its own conditions for the introduction of a peacekeeping mission, which are unacceptable for Ukraine.

Reportedly, the active negotiating process between the United States of America, Ukraine and Russia regarding the deployment of UN peacekeepers in the occupied territory of the Donbas has not yielded results. This indicates that the deployment of peacekeepers is unlikely to start in the near future.

Source: Interfax-Ukraine