Russia retaliated the West putting the Ukrainian salt products on the sanction list. The corresponding document was signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and published on the legal information portal.

To introduce amendments to the application to the Russian Government Decree dated August 7, 2014 №778 as follows: salt (including denatured and white salt) and pure sodium chloride, dissolved or not dissolved in water, whether or not containing anti-block agents or free-flowing agents; sea water, reads the document.

The regulation shall enter into force on November, 1 this year. As QHA reported earlier, Rospotrebnadzor allowed the Ukrainian company "Artemsol" to import 170 thousand tons of salt annually after the previous ban in 2015 in May.

Prior to the ban on imports being imposed the Donetsk "Artemsol" was one of the largest players in the Russian market of white salt. According to "Rusprodsojuz", in 2014 its share was 21% (233.2 thousand tons). Due to the "Artemsol" Ukraine was one of the biggest importing countries having covered 25.26% of the market for the first 11 months in 2014. At that time the import amounted to almost 562.2 thousand tons, or 56.43% of the Russian market.

Photo: Internet