The Ukrainian Security Service reports release of three Ukrainian servicemen: Sergii Harnaha, senior sergeant from the 28th separate mechanized brigade, Sergii Dmytruk, junior sergeant from the 1st Volyn territorial defense battalion, and Oleksandr Makuha, a soldier from the 40th Kryvbas battalion.

Sergii Harnaha was wounded while on duty and captured near Marinka in May 2015. Now it is almost the line of contact, were the release operation took place.

Soldier Oleksandr Makuha has been in militants' captivity for a year. Before that, he and his comrades defended Debaltsevo, Irina Gerashchenko, Authorized Representative of Ukrainian President on peaceful settlement of situation in Donbas, wrote on her Facebook page.

Ex-hostages must undergo quality medical and psychological rehabilitation at the former Hospital No. 4 where only ministers and deputies were previously treated.

Today, after almost four-month pause, the process of liberation of hostages is finally unblocked. For the time being, a total of 134 Ukrainians have been still kept in captivity.

PHOTO: Facebook