The representative of the Spanish Prosecutor's Office said that Dmitry Firtash was put on wanted list with his two accomplices, whose names are not mentioned in the interests of the investigation. He also noted that five accomplices of the Ukrainian magnate were arrested on November 24, including a well-known lawyer Antonio de Fortuny.

During the investigation it was found that Firtash and his accomplices have created a number of offshore companies in Panama and have invested in Spanish property. According to the investigation estimates, it comes to laundering tens of millions of Euros.

The Spanish investigation is considering the Firtash case as part of "Variola" operation, which began in July 2016 with the arrest of Stepan Chernovetsky, the son of the former mayor of Kyiv Leonid Chernovetsky. Documents found during the search of Chernovetsky’s property helped to trace Firtash.

It should be noted that the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine proposes to freeze the assets of the oligarchs, running business in Russia, including those of Dmitry Firtash, and to prevent the withdrawal of their capital abroad. Over several years the FBI has been unsuccessfully searching for Firtash in connection with the serious charges including the bribe for the development of titanium deposits.

Photo: Internet