Vladimir Yelchenko handed the statement of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry with demand to the Russian Federation to stop provocations in Donbas, according to Twitter of the Ukrainian Mission in the United Nations.

“I would appreciate your kind assistance in having this letter and the enclosed statement distributed as a document of the General Assembly under Agenda item 31 of its 71st Session and of the Security Council”, reads the letter to António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Reportedly, on July 19-20 nine soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were killed as a result of shelling and fighting in Donbas.

Earlier QHA reported that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine issued a protest statement against Russia’s recent aggressive activities in Donbas and the violent attacks and shelling by the Russian hybrid forces, including the use of tanks, self-propelled artillery, rocket launchers and mortars. 

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