United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres appointed Russian diplomat Vladimir Voronkov to head a newly created U.N. Counterterrorism Office, Reuters reported.

Guterres created the department  in order to coordinate the fight against terrorism that different agencies and departments of the organization conducted separately. The U.N. Secretary-General said:

“It makes sense to have a special office with a responsible person”.

It is noted that Vladimir Voronkov had more than 30 years experience with the Russian foreign service. Since 2011 he has been the representative of the Russian Federation in the international organizations of the United Nations in Vienna. His appointment will elevate Russia's status in the U.N.

The organization speaker said that Voronkov would provide strategic leadership in the combat against terrorism and participate in the decision-making process in the U.N.

Having occupied this post, the Russian diplomat  also becomes the Deputy United Nations Secretary-General.

Earlier, the United Nations has registered numerous violations of human rights in the Russia-annexed Crimea.

PHOTO: Internet