The hostilities in Donbas take place in the territory with a large number of chemical enterprises according to a statement issued by the UN experts on March 10, 2017.
"Battles are now fought in cities close to industrial centers, so there is a growing threat of hitting an enterprise resulting in serious consequences for those who live nearby," UN reporter Baskut Tunchak said.
Also, the report disclosed the information that on February 24, 2017, the shells hit the storage facility, where more than 7 tons of chlorine gas was stored.
"In case of significant damage, within 24 hours, it would be necessary to evacuate people who live within 7.4 kilometers in the wind direction," Tunchak stressed.
Earlier, it became known that the Donetsk filtering station is a significant supply of chlorine. The station itself was repeatedly shelled by pro-Russian militants.
PHOTO: Internet