A number of delegations to the United Nations were interested in Ukraine's experience in countering Russian propaganda, according to the press secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Mariana Betsa.

“Of course, first of all they were the countries that suffered from Russian aggression as well. Among them are Georgia and Moldova. These countries still feel the consequences of information pressure from the Russian Federation. But, of course, our experience was very interesting for Western countries, as the latest geopolitical events showed that the "bell" rang - and we must actively counteract the Russian propaganda machine," she noted.

Betsa also noted that it is necessary to develop a mechanism for early warning of the emergence of propaganda and fake news to avoid the launching of conflicts, including inter-ethnic ones.

Previously, Betsa said that Ukraine calls on international partners to increase pressure on the Russian Federation in connection with the worsening of the situation in the zone of military operations in the Donbas.

Source: Ukrinform