Today, on March 15, the UN Security Council will hold a special meeting in Arria format on the situation in the Crimea, dedicated to holding illegal presidential elections in the annexed Ukrainian peninsula, according to the permanent mission of Ukraine to the UN, BBC Ukraine reports.

The speaker of the Ukrainian representation Oleh Nikolenko stated that the meeting was initiated by Ukraine, and will be attended by representatives of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people and Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Olena Zerkal.

“It is important, considering that on March 18 illegal presidential elections are planned in the Crimea. Moreover, the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the occupation of the peninsula has already come," he said.

The meeting in the Arria format is different in the way that not only members of the Security Council, but also other states and representatives of civil society can take part in it.

The purpose of such a meeting, according to Nikolenko, is to obtain information from a wider range of sources.

"It is important for Ukraine, as it will give an opportunity to continue political pressure on Russia," he explained.

Ukraine plans to draw attention to the annexation of the Crimea, the violation of human rights, as well as "the need to strengthen the role of the United Nations in the issue of de-occupation of the Ukrainian peninsula."

Earlier, the UN monitoring mission presented the information on the searches and repression of Russia, carried out against the Crimean Tatars.

Source: BBC Ukraine