Marie Yovanovitch, the US ambassador, said that in the end Ukraine will regain control over Crimea.

“Most Western countries regard this process as the one similar to the positive example of the Baltic countries. Over the years, these countries were part of the Soviet Union, but the US had not recognized their annexation. The diplomatic mission to the Baltic states continued its work in Washington all the time, and in the end they restored their independence,” said Marie Yovanovitch at an interview to "Ukrainian Truth".

De-occupation of the Baltic states took several decades. However, the diplomat noted that today the world is running much faster.

“An example of the Baltic countries shows that if people feel strong and they are supported by the International community, the history may run the way it should,” the Ambassador said.

A week earlier, the President of the Czech Republic said that Russia has illegally annexed the Crimea, though they may keep the peninsula and not return it to Ukraine.

Photo: Internet