At the session of the Permanent Council in Vienna, United States Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Daniel Baer, said of the possibility of offensive on the Ukrainian city of Mariupol and the surrounding area by combined Russian forces and terrorists, UNIAN reports.

The OSCE is still seriously concerned about the build-up of Russian-terrorist forces in the Donbas. October 14, these joint forces blocked the access of special observers monitoring mission (SMM) to the area northeast of Mariupol.

“Paying attention to the fact that SMM observed link between the restriction of access to the area and violations of the cease-fire, we are deeply concerned that the joint Russian-separatist forces might be planning more attacks on Mariupol and the surrounding area,” said the US Ambassador.

Two weeks ago, the Russian-terrorist forces shelled the suburbs of Mariupol using multiple rocket launching systems, said Baer, calling to provide unrestricted access for the OSCE monitors to the areas near Mariupol, as well as to immediately withdraw the prohibited weapons.

Photo: Internet