After the Revolution of Dignity, Ukraine took a stand for recovery and freedom from corruption. Such an opinion was expressed by US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt at a public meeting, according to a QHA journalist.

“I have noticed a huge transformation in Ukraine, especially during my visit to Odesa. What I have seen during the week, it is a great metaphor for reforms in Ukraine. Two years ago, the Ukrainian naval forces were in a very poor condition due to the Russian aggression and annexation of Crimea. At the moment, we are holding joint military exercises with another 13 countries, and I noticed a significant improvement in the level of preparation of Ukrainian military since the revolution at Maidan,” Geoffrey Pyatt said.

The US diplomat is sure that the effectiveness of reform now depends on every Ukrainian citizen. According to him, Ukrainians, especially young people, show great enthusiasm and desire to change their country for the better.

“I have traveled a lot in Ukraine, perhaps more than many Ukrainians, and what surprised me most was the enthusiasm of the Ukrainian people, and young people in particular, which is very important on the path to reforms in the country. At the moment, the Ukrainian people are probably the strongest and most active in Europe,” said Pyatt.

The US Ambassador highly appreciated the creation of the Anti-Corruption Bureau and election of a new Prosecutor General in Ukraine. Geoffrey Pyatt also made special mention of the establishment of the new patrol police with assistance of US experts from Texas and California, who trained the staff of the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies.

According to Geoffrey Pyatt, one of the greatest achievements of Ukraine is its refusal to use Russian gas, which reduces the impact of Russia on Ukrainian politicians.

“I've also noticed a significant transformation in the energy sector. In particular, the refusal to buy Russian gas, which was used by Gazprom for years to manipulate the strategic decisions of Ukraine. Last winter, Ukraine - for the first time - rejected Russian gas. [...] The question is that Ukraine should never get into a situation when the Kremlin uses gas as a means of manipulating Ukrainian politicians, Ukrainian sovereignty and security,” the Ambassador summarized.

According to Pyatt, there is a progress in Ukraine’s judicial reform, which aims to "create a legislative system Ukrainian people will trust."