The United States opposed the participation of Kurdish militants of the terrorist organization PKK [Kurdistan Workers' Party - Ed.] in a future operation to sweep the second largest terrorist city in Iraq Mosul from ISIL.
“We openly declare that the PKK is a terrorist organization, and it should not be involved in operations in the Mosul area,” said the representative of the US State Department Mark Toner at a recent briefing.
Toner pointed to the fact that the PKK militants and Kurdish terrorist groups in Syria [YPG and PYD -Ed.], with which the US is cooperating in combating ISIL are not the same thing.
In December 2015, the Kurdish militants in cooperation with the United States expanded their influence on the western bank of the Euphrates River, assuring the International community that aimed at fight against ISIL terrorists. But currently it is clear that the militants are trying to strengthen their position in the region

Photo: Internet