The vote count in the election of the 45th US President is at the final stage.

According to the "Voice of America", as of 7:20 Kiev time, the presidential candidate Donald Trump is ahead of his rival Hillary Clinton.

Republican Trump won the necessary 270 electors out of 538.


The first effects of the preliminary estimates are already emerging. In particular, the victory of Trump has resulted in the world market meltdown.
Counting of votes in the US key states has led to fall of the US dollar and the Mexican peso, as well as to changes in the raw materials market, according to "Financial times".

Peso exchange rate has fallen by 8%, which is the deepest fall since 1994. After the results were published in Florida and Ohio, the fall reached 10%.
The reason for this decline was concern about the US immigration policy changes in the case of victory of the candidate from the Republicans.
The dollar fell by 3%, which is also quite a sharp momentary depreciation.

November 8, the 45th US presidential elections were held. According to the Constitution of the country, first, voters choose presidential electors who in turn elect the president and vice president. The incumbent President Barack Obama does not have the right to be elected for a third term due to term limits under the Twenty-second Amendment to the US Constitution.

The second article of the US Constitution provides that the candidate for President of the United States of America must be a US citizen by birth, not younger than 35 years old and have lived in the US for at least 14 years.

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