The US Treasury Department plans to continue pressure on Russia, including additional personal sanctions for the annexation of the Crimea and possible interference by the Russian Federation in the election of the US president. The United States Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Sigal Mandelker made a corresponding statement during her speech in the Atlantic Council.

According to her, Washington is focused on exerting pressure on the Russian Federation due to the constant destabilization of the situation in Ukraine, in particular the occupation of the Crimea and the systematic violation of human rights.

"The position of the US Treasury is also based on Russia's interference in the American elections," she said.

The official further noted that the previously published by the US Treasury Department list of high-ranking Russian politicians and oligarchs from Vladimir Putin's closest circle - the "Kremlin report" - will be used in the development of the following sanctions restrictions.

Earlier, the US Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiation Kurt Volker stated that he was in favor of imposing sanctions for visiting the Russia- annexed Crimea.