The US National Security Council recommends President Donald Trump to expel several Russian diplomats as a response to the poisoning of ex-spy Sergey Skripal and his daughter in the UK.

Response to the situation was discussed at the meeting of the National Security Council.

Moreover, the Council developed several more options of response to Russia, but he meeting decided that the expulsion of Russian diplomats is "the most serious measure."

Earlier, British Prime Minister Theresa May presented the leaders of the EU countries with evidence of Russia's involvement in the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter.

On March 20, Russian diplomats flew from London to Moscow, leaving Britain in accordance with the decision of the British government.

The UK suspends all contacts with Russia because of the possible involvement of the Kremlin in the poisoning of Skripal.

Later, Poland stated that it could expel Russian diplomats from the country as well as a sign of solidarity with Britain.

March 5, Skripal, convicted in Russia for espionage in favor of London, and his daughter were hospitalized in critical condition after poisoning in one of the restaurants in the shopping center in the British city of Salisbury.

Source: CNN