All Russia’s attempts to "legitimate" the attempt to annex Crimea do not alter the fact that the peninsula is still the part of Ukraine, reported Radio Liberty citing the US Ambassador to the OSCE Daniel Bayer as saying during a telephone press conference in Brussels.

Daniel Bayer assured that he would start all talks on the security in the European region with the Crimean issue, in particular the return of Crimea under Ukraine’s control.

- No matter to what gymnastic "exercises" the Kremlin resorts in its attempts to re-draw the world map, our stance is as follows: any talks on the future of European security with the Russia’s representatives will start with the Crimean issue, as well as with the fact that Russia is trying to redraw the borders in military way and this is in the 21st century, said the Ambassador.

Bayer went on saying he does not know why Russia includes the annexed Crimea in this or that federal district, but he is sure that these actions will affect the Russian taxpayers, who will have to pay a high price for the Kremlin’s actions.

The Ambassador also said that legally Crimea still remains the part of Ukraine, and this is the stance the United States and other Western countries are guided by in their policies.

Yesterday, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed a decree on liquidation "of the Crimean Federal District", which included the occupied Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, and annexed the territory to the Southern Federal District.

Photo: Internet