At the press conference on August 24, the US State Department spokesman Mark Toner expressed the attitude of the US authorities to the outbreak of the Turkish military operation combating the terrorist organization ISIS in the northern Syria.

In particular, Toner said that Washington about the operation progress is holding with both Turkey and Syria with Democratic forces:

“We keep in touch with Turkey and Syria Democratic forces. We are making efforts to prevent the escalation of tensions. We remind both parties that ISIS is the common enemy.”

Apart from Toner’s comforting, the US will provide Turkey with air support in the "Euphrates Shield" operation in full coordination with the Turkish Republic according to one of the senior Washington official, as cited by Reuters news agency.  

 "Shield of the Euphrates" is a joint military operation in the north of Syria against ISIS terrorism conducted by special Turkish Armed Forces operation group and the coalition Air Forces. The operation aims to clean the frontier regions from the militants, strengthen border security and to provide the territorial integrity of Syria.

Photo: Internet