The US Department of the Interior (the Pentagon) has commented on the case with the American flag at a military headquarter of the Kurdish terrorists, reported the agency AA.

Answering journalists' questions during the press conference, Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said that personally he has not heard or read about such incidents in Syria.

But if this is true, the US authorities will discuss these incidents with its allies in Syria.

The flag of the United States of America was recorded waving at the headquarters of the terrorist organization PYD [Kurdish terrorists in Syria - Ed.] in the Syrian province of Raqqa. Thus, the Kurdish terrorists are using the American flag as a kind of "shield". A similar case was recorded last month more than once.

December 2015, the Kurdish militants in cooperation with the United States expanded their influence on the western bank of the Euphrates River, assuring the International community that their main goal was the fight against ISIL terrorists. But it has become clear that the militants are just trying to strengthen their control over the region.

Photo: Internet