The United States has strongly condemned the detention of journalists and raids on at least five offices of the mass media in Crimea, carried out by the FSB (Russia's Federal Security Service), the press service of the United States Embassy in Ukraine reports.

“We understand that at least one journalist was detained for allegedly speaking out against the Russian occupation and annexation of the Ukrainian territory. We urge to immediate release the journalists and stop raids against media by Russian occupation authorities,” said Jonathan Lalley, US Embassy Spokesperson.

The Embassy’s press service also noted that the United States is deeply concerned of the increasing harassment of the independent media and civil society in Crimea.

“Those who disagree with the position of the occupation authorities are being silenced and expelled, and international observers, as before, are deprived of access to the peninsula. Such actions are further examples of Russian authorities’ growing crackdown on independent voices in Russia and the occupied Crimea,” reads the message.

October 2014, US President Barack Obama has promised to help the Ukrainian authorities to return the Crimea. Guarantor of the US Constitution assured that the United States supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, as they "work for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in the East and return of Crimea."

Photo: Internet