The former president has filed a lawsuit to the European Court of Human Rights alleging that his rights are being violated on a regular basis, reported the Yanukovych’s press-secretary Yuriy Kirassir:

- The basis for filing a lawsuit is a lot of unfounded criminal cases brought against Viktor Yanukovych, violation of his right to a fair and independent trial and his current political persecution by the authorities.

In addition, among the other reasons that triggered runaway Viktor Yanukovych to file a lawsuit is the decision by the Kiev Pechersk Court from July 27, 2015 to charge Yanukovych in absentia, as well as the refusal of the General Prosecutor's Office to testify about his place of actual residence (Rostov-on-Don) even by video conference, reports the Correspondent.

- Yanukovych explains filing a lawsuit to the European Court of Human Rights saying the Ukraine's top leadership puts pressure on the courts with a view to criminate him. Viktor Yanukovych asks the European Court of Human Rights to admit the actions, mentioned in the lawsuit, by the Ukrainian government as violations of his legitimate rights, said his lawyer.

It is noteworthy that Yanukovych's son - Alexander has also recently filed a lawsuit against Ukraine over the failed bank.