Kurt Volker believes that the situation around the conflict in the Donbas is getting worse, The Financial Times reports.
According to the US diplomat, the Kremlin's decision to "freeze" the situation and live under sanctions is fundamentally wrong.

"Russia seemed prepared to “live with” the status quo of a still-smouldering conflict," US State Department Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker said on Sunday, August 27, in an interview with the British edition of The Financial Times. "A situation where Russia is going to be frozen out of diplomatic relationships, of economic relationships, because of this, is certainly not something that Russia would want," he stated.

The Special Representative noted that at the moment the conflict in Ukraine is only exacerbating, and "it is going to continue to get worse unless we do something."

In particular, the unresolved conflict will not allow the relations between Russia and the United States to improve. Thus, Volker acknowledged that Russia's hopes of rapprochement with the United States under Donald Trump's presidency are groundless, the newspaper notes.

"The relationship between Russia and the US is important, and it’s going to be crippled by this problem in Ukraine," said the Special Representative, who admitted that the US authorities were "seriously considering" whether to change its position and deliver lethal weapons to Ukraine.

However, this decision, he said, can be made only by the President himself.

At the same time, Volker criticized the intention of some Ukrainian politicians to resume the nuclear program in the country, according to Deutsche Welle.

"I do not think that nuclear weapons were something positive for Ukraine," he said, stressing that he considers signing the Budapest Memorandum "a good decision."

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