The U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker noted that during the meeting of the US and Russian Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin no attempts were made to restrict the sovereignty or territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“I can see that there are clear signs that this has not happened. There were a lot of speculation and anxiety about the issues discussed there, but there were no attempts to restrict the freedom, sovereignty or territorial integrity of Ukraine. We do not recognize the illegal Russian annexation of the Crimea, we do not accept the presence of foreign troops that divide the territory of Ukraine. That is, nothing has changed here," Volker said.

The U.S. Special Representative believes it's good that Trump and Putin held the negotiations with an attempt "to create a better atmosphere for discussion."

“I think it was clearly stated at the press conference that significant disagreements continue on the issues of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. There are no moves regarding the possible recognition of the Crimea: this will not happen. And there are no movements on Eastern Ukraine. This is a principled issue of negotiations. I think it's good that the two presidents met. They are trying to create a better atmosphere for discussion. But it is also important that we adhere to a clear position on this issue.”

Earlier, the White House reported that during the negotiations in Helsinki Trump and Putin agreed on a meeting of US National Security Advisor John Bolton and his Russian counterpart. The representative of the White House, Sarah Sanders, noted that no more written or verbal agreements were reached during the meeting of the presidents.

QHA reported that on July 16 the capital of Finland hosted a meeting of US and Russian presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. At a press conference, Trump noted that the presidents laid down a "good start" in their relations between the countries.

Source: 112 Ukraine