Results of election of the 45th US President will not change the relationship between Ankara and Washington.

Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag commented on the electoral situation in the US in his interview with the AA agency. Official Ankara will continue its cooperation with the democratically elected President:

“US-Turkey relations represent cooperation between the two states. We have common interests, strategic partnership, and different agreements exist between us. The new US President cannot radically change the situation,” said the Turkish Minister.

According to the results of the counting of votes in the last state of Wisconsin, the candidate of the Republican Party of the United States polled the needed 270 electoral votes, thus winning the US presidential election.

The 45th US presidential elections were held on November 8. According to the Constitution of the country, first, voters choose presidential electors who in turn elect the president and vice president. The incumbent President Barack Obama does not have the right to be elected for a third term due to term limits under the Twenty-second Amendment to the US Constitution.

Elections in the US with population of 325 million are held in two stages: On the basis of the voters will, the Electoral College - where votes are proportional to each state's representation in Congress – is to vote on December 19. In order to win, a candidate needs 270 votes out of the total 538.

Photo: Internet