(QHA) -

Ismet Yuksel, General Director of the Crimean News Agency [QHA] and Mejlis adviser on relations with Turkey has been banned from entering Crimea for 5 years. Commenting the ban Crimean premier Sergey Aksyonov accused Yuksel of inciting interethnic hatred.

Yuksel, in turn, called the premier’s words a slander.

“Let he [Aksyonov] put his hand on the heart and listen to the voice of conscience when making such statements and accusing people. I have been living in Ukraine for 20 years. Together with my colleagues I have implemented hundreds of projects, helping pupils, students and sick people. In 2002I was conferred with award of Ukrainian Orthodox church of Kievan patriarchate for creating interethnic dialogue between representatives of different nations and religions. It is even hard to remember all the names projects that were implemented, as every project is a destiny and help to concrete person that led to positive results. It is a strange thing that I am accused of inciting interethnic hatred”- Yuksel said.

Yuksel also required concrete arguments of “inciting hatred”.

“Let them give concrete examples, that I incite hatred. It is a slander against me. My philosophy is based on ideals of humanism and help to people”- stressed.