246 children have been killed over the two years since the beginning of hostilities in the Eastern Ukraine, the Deputy Director of the Ukrainian Extremism Research Institute, Bogdan Petrenko told a press conference "The demographic consequences of war. Family problems and childhood in a military conflict ", held in Kiev on August 2, as cited by a QHA correspondent.

Reportedly, 166 children died as a result of hostilities, 28 of them stepped on mines, and 80 kids were the passengers of the Malaysian "Boeing", which was shot down by separatists in the summer of 2014 in Donetsk region.

In addition, about 400 children have been missing for two years, and, according to various sources, 186 - 500 were injured.

Moreover, 21 children passed away in the anti-terrorist operation zone as combatants.

The children killed were from Ukraine. It refers to volunteer battalions, which were formed in 2014, when no one took the volunteers’ passport data, Petrenko said.

Also, according to him, so far three thousand children are at risk, living in the so-called "gray zone", an area that is not controlled by either the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the militants.

According to the Ministry of Social Policy, currently 450 thousand children live in the occupied territories.

Photo: Internet