Deputy UN Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Stephen O'Brien in an official written statement said that 20 trucks with humanitarian aid intended for 275 thousand Syrians continue to expect a permission to enter Syria on the Turkish border.

The convoy was planned to cross the border this morning and to head for the Syrian city of Aleppo, but all the necessary conditions have not been provided for border crossings:

I am sorry and disappointed that the UN convoy has not yet crossed the Turkish- Syrian and has not reached the eastern Aleppo, where up to 275 thousand people remain locked without food, water, adequate shelter and health care, reads the O'Brien’s statement.

The UN Deputy Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs said that as of August 7 no humanitarian convoy has arrived in the city of Aleppo. Stephen O'Brien called on all parties to take the necessary security measures, and on all States, which can exert influence on the parties to the conflict, respectively, affect its allies. September 15, 40 trucks with humanitarian aid intended for Syrian civilians in the city of Aleppo were arrested at the Turkish-Syrian border as the border guards checked the safety of cargo and drivers.

Photo: Internet