February 26 in Odesa, an action was held at the Russian consulate, dedicated to the 4th anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the occupation of the Crimea.

The action started at 15:00 at Gagarinske Plateau, 14. The organizer of the action was Self Defense Maidan in the Odesa region, Organization of the ATO "Bulava" and "Free people".

Among the demands of the protesters was the cessation of Russian aggression, the liberation of all hostages, all occupied territories and the punishment to those responsible for this aggression - the Kremlin regime leaders.

“Participants of the picket expressed their attitude to the aggressor country and its actions. To "cheer up" the employees of the consulate of the hostile state, beautiful flares of blue and yellow colours were lit, and the fence of the Russian consulate would remind of blood shed by Russians,” reads the message.

The organizers further noted that the day of remembrance of the beginning of Russian aggression should "permanently sink into our minds."

QHA reported that actions and protests outside the Russian embassies in different cities of Ukraine as well as in different countries of the world were held on the Day of Resistance of Crimea to the Russian occupation to support the territorial integrity of Ukraine and express solidarity with those opposing Russian aggression in the temporary occupied peninsula