Action of solidarity with Crimean Tatar was held in Georgian capital Tbilisi on May 18.

The event, organized by youth non-government organizations and Azerbaijan community of Georgia along with representatives of Tajik diaspora, took place at the former Parliament building, Georgia online portal reports.

 Activists, including Ukrainian tourists and residents of Tbilisi raised Ukrainian, Crimean Tatar and Georgian flags.

As we earlier reported, commemorating events also took place in Kyiv, Warsaw, New York, Ankara, Moscow and other cities all over the World..

This year Crimean Tatars marked the 70th anniversary of Crimean Tatar tragedy- the deportation.

The deportation began on 18 May 1944 in all Crimean-inhabited localities. More than 32,000 NKVD  troops participated in this action. The forced deportees were given only 30 minutes to gather personal belongings, after which they were loaded onto cattle trains and moved out of Crimea. The lack of accommodation and food, the failure to adapt to new climatic conditions and the rapid spread of diseases had a heavy demographic impact during the first years of exile.

Note: NKVD- People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs,  law enforcement agency of the Soviet Union that directly executed the rule of power of the All Union Communist Party.