A social activist Alexei Shestakovich was detained for calling to boycott the illegal elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation in the annexed Crimea, according to his Facebook page.

“Returning from a philosophical conference, I was stopped by four men near my house in Simferopol. One of them showed the identity of a police officer. They wanted to establish my identity. As I showed the passport they offered me to go with them to the drug expertise. I was taken to 19 Dekabristov Street. The officials began to draw on an extremism protocol for publication of "The last video of the Primorsky Partisans guys" in a social network VKontakte in 2010. They even showed a copy of the decree (by the Barnaul Court, I guess) declaring it extremist. The protocols on administrative detention and inspection were drawn up as well,” reads the message.

According to him, after these procedures, the law enforcement officers told him in an informal conversation that he was detained because stencil graffiti calling to boycott the elections appeared in Simferopol.

“I was shown a photo on the phone. They insisted that if I did not do it myself then I knew exactly who did it. I assured that I neither drew the graffiti, nor knew who the editor of the site was ( website was provided on the graffiti). I said that I support the boycott of the elections, but my graffiti would depict not the hammer and sickle, but one letter A into another. I was assured, that today my house will be searched and a stencil will be found,” he wrote.

Next, Shestakovich says that he was taken for examination to the medical center.

“While waiting for the results, the police discussed in which ITT camera to put me and that they had a lot of things to do due to the elections. Then they said that I was very lucky as they could not issue the papers for the search that day as they have too much work,” tells the activist.

He went on saying that the hearing on charges of extremism will be held on Tuesday, September 20 in the Railway District Court.

Photo: Internet