Yesterday, March 12, Sevastopol activist and anarchist Aleksei Shestakovich was released from the temporary detention center in Bakhchysarai after 11 days of administrative arrest, journalist Anton Naumlyuk reported on Facebook.

The activist was arrested on charges of distributing extremist materials in his profile on the social network VKontakte. Already after the search, audio recordings of performers whose texts are included in the list of extremist materials on the territory of the Russian Federation were discovered in his seized equipment. However, the search was conducted as part of an investigation into the case of Yevheny Karakashev, an activist from Yevpatoria.

After leaving the temporary detention center, Shestakovich told how he was beaten by Russian security officials.

“They treated me rudely. I got a poke in the nose when I looked too long at the Alpha officer, also a punch to the throat and to the chest, when they found a black and red anarchist scarf. They ask: "Are you of right sector or what?" I explain to them: "Black is freedom, red is communism". They hit me.  They put a bag on their heads, and wrung my hands. In the bus they threw me to the floor, the shoes fell off - they removed the shoelaces in advance, tightened the bag, the air ran out, I began to suffocate. I try to breathe, they tighten it even more. 10 minutes or 20 minutes we were driving like this. At the same time, they raised my handcuffed hands behind me, twisting them off. They say to me: "Scream:" I'm an animal! "I scream, they let me go." The thumb of his hand was taken and slowly twisted. Now it is injured. When it was really bad, he asked: "Hope you're not carsick?"

Earlier, on March 1 in the occupied Crimea five left-wing activists were searched: Aleksei Prisyazhnyuk, Ihor Panyuta, Artem Vorobyov, Ivan Markov and Aleksei Shestakovich. Markov and Shestakovich were detained for 10 days and sent to temporary detention center.