Russian police asked a group of activists detained in Moscow to write an explanation how they’ve got at a paddy wagon.

In fact, the detention was probably organized to break the campaign of the activists, according to one of the detainees, a correspondent for Radio Liberty Ivan Voronin.

“On assignment of my editorial office, I was covering a protest of opposition activists on the occasion of the Chekist Day. They were planning a specific performance, which was kept secret. However, they did not have time to realize it, as the activists were apprehended while they were just walking along the street. In addition, there was an attack on a French journalist ... They have just written explanations and were released,” the correspondent said.

Ivan Voronin went on to say that before delivering to Krasnoselsky police station, he and other detainees had a three hour ride in a police vehicle around the city, as allegedly there was no availability in other police departments. According to the reporter, all the activists were released after verification of their documents and explanation writing.

As QHA reported earlier, on December 20, eight people, including a correspondent for Radio Liberty Ivan Voronin, were detained near the FSB building at Lubyanka Square during walking.

Photo: Internet