September 27, activists held the third rally dedicated to residents of Crimea missing in the aftermath of annexation of the peninsula. The rally was held near the walls of the Russian Embassy in Ukraine, according to a QHA correspondent.

The concerned youth, community leaders and human rights activists came to ask Russia "Where are all the people who were lost in Crimea for the two years of occupation?"

A of today, 15 people are missing in Crimea, and another 9 people who disappeared, were found dead.

“Apart from people are missing in Crimea, The Russian Federation does not conduct effective investigations. Obviously, this is a part of the repressive policies and intimidation of the Crimean population, as well as all those people who are disloyal to the occupation,”  said the deputy coordinator of the DPP "Crimea SOS» Eugenia Andreyuk.

A vivid example of 31-year-old Ervin Ibragimov proves the lack of proper investigation. The member of Bakhchisaray regional Mejlis, member of the Coordination Council of the World Congress of the Crimean Tatars was kidnapped on May 24.

“In the morning immediately after his disappearance, the members of the national Crimean Tatar movement found a video, sowing the Ervin’s abduction. And despite the fact that they handed these materials to the bodies, they initially refused to take a statement about the abduction of Ibragimov. They took this statement only under great pressure and opened the investigation into the disappearance, but the results are still absent,” said the Crimean Tatar national movement activist Sinaver Kadyrov.

So the basic demand of the protesters was effective investigations into all cases of enforced disappearance, as well as appeal to the Ukrainian and International organizations not to forget about the people missing in the peninsula.

“This action is a call to myself as well, and to those who are here, who are watching and support us, it is the call to Ukraine, the Crimea, and the Russians, and to the whole world. We want to show that in the 21st century evil and humanism are incompatible,” the Head of the Charitable Fund "Ukraine Evkaf" Zevri Kurtbedinov said.

The activists say they will continue to hold the actions in support of the missing Crimean people, until their demands are heard.

September 26, four months passed since the abduction of Ervin Ibragimov, member of the Coordination of the World Congress of Crimean Tatars Board, who was kidnapped in Bakhchisarai on May 24 at about 23:00.