July 4 in the center of Moscow, nine actors of "ТЕАТР.DOC" theatre who distributed leaflets in support of the Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, unlawfully imprisoned in Russia, were detained.

The actress Maria Chuprinskaya informed that the detention was conducted after the theater staff decided to walk after the performance.

According to her, young people came to the actors and started to detain them shouting that they should go with them to the station.

Then, the actress tells, the men showed her and her colleagues Yelena Nosova and Alisa Safina their photos from Facebook on actions in support of Oleg Sentsov. The actress Tatiana Demidova was struck in the stomach, but was not detained. The phone of director Kudryashov, who was filming what was happening, was seized and the recording was deleted. Then nine theater employees and one their friend were brought to the police station.

According to Chuprinsky, in response to a request to clarify the claims, the police laughed and said:

“Now we will think what to do with you: drunkenness or drugs.”

About one in the morning all the detained actors were released. According to the director of the theater Zarema Zaudinova, the actors intend to file complaints on illegal detention. Earlier, on June 18, Maria Chuprinska, Grigory Gandlevsky, Alisa Safina and activist Natalya Savoskina were also detained for distributing leaflets in support of Ukrainian political prisoner Oleg Sentsov.

Reference: "Teatr.doc" is the Moscow theater of a documentary play, which pays much attention to the Ukrainian issue and political situation in Russia.

QHA reported that on July 4, activists of the Vesna (“Spring”) movement in St. Petersburg held an action against torture and repression by Russian authorities that take place during the 2018 World Cup. So, the 16-year-old activist Lika Petrovskaya went to the pedestal of the statue of Zabivaka (a football talisman of the Russian Federation) in "bloody" clothes.