Clashes took place near the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine between protesting veterans of the Afghan war and police officers.

Reportedly, the Afghan war veterans were able to break through the police cordon in the square in front of the parliament building and get directly to the building of the parliament. Now they are under the windows of the parliament. In connection with this, all the entrances and exits to the building of the Verkhovna Rada are blocked - no one is allowed to enter or exit.

On the stepping stones of the parliament, there are currently skirmishes, the police are using special means of restraint, and the protesters are throwing bottles at the police.

People's Deputy Dmitry Dobrodomov specified that the main demand of the protesting Afghan war veterans is to equate their benefits with the benefits of combatants. According to him, miners joined the protesters on the Constitution Square.

Reinforcement of the National Guard arrived from the side of the Mariinsky Palace. The security forces attempt to push the protesters away from the parliament building, which causes skirmishes.

Meanwhile, People's Deputies came to the demonstrators. Vice-Speaker of the Parliament Irina Gerashchenko spoke in front of a crowd of protesters. She urged people to order, asked to organize an initiative group, which will hold talks with the Verkhovna Rada Spokesman Andriy Parubiy.

The MP Borislav Bereza spoke to the protesters as well.

Reportedly, veterans of Afghanistan put forward social demands to power. Miners are also rallying outside the Parliament.

Earlier, on April 19 at the Verkhovna Rada a picket of soldiers-volunteers of the ATO took place. Participants in the rally demanded to officially recognize the volunteers as combatants.