Ukrainian Ombudswoman Lyudmyla Denisova reported that Volodymyr Balukh’s lawyer and his public defender the Archbishop of Simferopol and the Crimean Clement have confirmed an information about the beating of the Kremlin prisoner.

This was reported by Denisova on her Facebook page.

According to the ombudsman, despite the fact that five days have passed since the beating of Balukh, he is still not examined by doctors.

“I clarified an information regarding Volodymyr Balukh. I had no doubt that he was beaten, and now this fact was confirmed by the lawyer and the Archbishop of Simferopol and the Crimean Clement. The heartache appeared in addition to the pain of kidneys, liver and head. Sometimes it is so intense that it causes vomiting reflexes. Doctors still have not examined Volodymyr, even if five days have already passed. Yes, exactly five days!”

Denisova announced the reason for beating the political prisoner.

“I have found out one more reason for beating: Balukh told the lawyer about his health condition, attitude to him at the remand center, about lost of his hope and lack of hopes. After the physical violence of the already weak Ukrainian the cowards from the pre-trial detention facility put in front of a video camera and forced him to say that everything is fine with him, his health is ok, conditions of his detention are excellent and attitude towards him is consistently good as well. I emphasize: this is a show. And that's why I want to hear the whole truth only from Volodymyr Balukh.”

Denisova noted that Balukh asked to bring a notary to him and wants to write a will in case of his death, because he feels that the threats of violence will not remain only as threats, and he will not be moved to the colony."

Ukrainian Ombudswoman claimed from Tatyana Moskalkova, the Russia's Commissioner for Human Rights, to allow to meet with Balukh and provide him with medical assistance.

Previously, on September 14, the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Akhtem Chiygoz noted that Balukh was beaten in the Simferopol pre-trial detention facility.

Earlier, Balukh's lawyer Olga Dinze reported that the health condition has deteriorated and he is taking painkillers. He is suffering from severe headaches, dizziness, back and liver pains.