Lawyer Nikolai Polozov commented on the trial of the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Ahtem Chiygoz. In an interview with KrymSOS NGO, he said  that at the moment none of the victims gave incriminating testimonies against Chiygoz, and the evidence, appearing in the case, comes from secret witnesses.

“The fact is that secret witnesses give the main evidence against him. They are registered under the name "Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich" and give evidence of this kind: "Yes, I was at a meeting of the Mejlis and I heard Chiygoz say do so and so". Another says: "Yes, I was there on February 26 and I heard Chiygoz say:" Beat them, beat."

According to him, the so-called "prime minister" of Crimea Sergei Aksenov is expected to be questioned as a prosecution witness in November.

“One of the witnesses is the so-called current head of Crimea Aksenov. I think he will be most likely questioned in November. The fact that he is listed as a witness in the indictment, and he cannot but come there. But he tries to avoid it. He tries, and those persons who accompanied him – his several guards and a freelance adviser - have already been questioned and they have not given any direct evidence against Chiygoz. Yes, they saw him,” said the lawyer. 

Just a reminder: Ahtem Chiygoz was detained by occupation police officers and charged with rioting in Simferopol on February 26, 2014. According to the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis, the prosecution is currently providing evidence. There are 84 victims, 78 witnesses for the prosecution, of which 6 are secret witnesses, and 34 defense witnesses in the case. To date, 74 witnesses of victims and about a dozen prosecution witnesses have already been questioned.