In Al-Bab streets people are celebrating the liberation of the city from the ISIS terrorists.

Earlier, Turkish General Staff stated the completion of the sweeping in all neighborhoods of Al-Bab from the terrorists in the framework of Operation "Euphrates Shield."

In the streets, the fighters of the Syrian Liberation Army (SOA) happily shout, honk, shoot in the air, congratulating each other. Some of the people offered up prayers of gratitude and namaz on Al-Bab streets.

They note that this is a victory of strategic importance, it has become a turning-point in the fight against terrorism, on the one hand, and a crushing blow to the terrorists project and those who support them, on the other.

SOA soldiers believe in the soon liberation of the whole of Syria from the terrorists.

"Anadolu" agency correspondents visited Al-Bab, which turned into a "ghost town", being devastated under the control of ISIS. The cameras captured dozens of destroyed homes.

AA employees were in the thick of the action from the first day of fighting as part of the operation to release Al-Bab.

The anti-terrorist operation "Euphrates Shield" continues in the northern Syria from August 24, with the support of the Turkish Armed Forces. Participation of the Turkish army in an operation is based on the internationally recognized right to self-defense and the country's desire to eliminate the terrorist threat in Turkey, especially on the part of ISIS.

Source: AA