In St. Petersburg, the activists of the Vesna movement staged an action against torture and repression by Russian authorities that are taking place during the 2018 World Cup. Thus, the 16-year-old activist Lika Petrovskaya went to the pedestal of the statue of Zabivaka (a football talisman in the Russian Federation for the World Cup) in "bloody" clothes.

Activists were detained by the Russian police.

At the same time, the movement Vesna (“Spring”) states that they do not oppose the championship, but they seek to remind that the Russian authorities restricted freedom of expression.

Lika Petrovskaya noted that one of the problems she would like to draw attention to is the detention of the Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov in the Russian prison.

“We wanted to draw your attention to the fact that regardless of what you show to foreigners, everything is not so good and beautiful inside. Innocent people are starving in prisons, like Oleg Sentsov. And the festivals are perceived as an anesthetic for robbing the country: raising taxes, excises and retirement age,” activists say.

Earlier, Russian police detained two fans from Argentina on Red Square in Moscow for launching a quadrocopter.

Two men, born 1983 and 1986, were taken to the police station. The Argentines, according to the police, did not have Fan IDs, which the Russian government issued for visitors to the World Cup.

Source: Privat