Activists informed about Russia’s annexation of the Crimea, ongoing raids and detentions of the Crimean Tatars right on Ankara streets on 5th of November.

According to Namık Kemal Bayar, Secretary General of the World Congress of the Crimean Tatars, the information stands were set up at five different places of the Turkish capital, where one could learn about the latest events of the occupied peninsula, and also to participate in the campaign for collecting signatures, which was started by decision of the Congress.

According to Tunger Kalkai, former Head of the Crimean Tatar Association of Culture and Mutual Aid, who organized this action, it is very important to deliver information on the Crimean problem to other nations in such a way, in this case to the Turkish people.

“Our task is to collect signatures in support of those people who are subjected to pressure in the Crimea and found themselves in a difficult situation, which to be later forwarded to the United Nations. In addition, we have another goal – come out into the streets and tell people about the Crimea,” Tunger Kalkai stressed and reminded that some Turkish сitizens are not even aware about the occupation of the Crimean peninsula.

Earlier QHA informed, that Crimean Tatar platforms and organizations around the world were recommended organizing a campaign Strategy-18 in their towns and villages under decision taken at the 10th meeting of the Executive Committee of the World Congress of the Crimean Tatars.